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A really lovely mum-to-be gift to celebrate pregnancy.
The Bola (brass with silver-plated, enamel) measures around 22 mm in diameter.
It comes with a beautiful Silver Plated Chain (115 cm) and is presented in a gift box.
If it's a gift, the Pregnancy Bola is ready to go.


Pregnancy Harmony Balls are frequently worn after the birth of the child.

The pregnancy harmony balls are on very long necklace chains, allowing the harmony ball to rest on the belly of the pregnant woman.


The mother will shorten the necklace so that the harmony ball pendant is between her throat and her breasts sallowing the child to play with it while breastfeeding or the soothing sound of the pregnancy harmony ball emanates as the mother gently cradle her baby to sleep.

Gaia, Pregnancy Bola Necklace, Harmony Ball, Mexican Bola, Baby Shower

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  • Pregnant women have worn Pregnancy Bolas for millennia in numerous countries.
    The Harmony Ball contains a small bell-like device that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement, similar to the sound of wind charms in a gentle breeze.

    The baby can hear the soft chimes sound between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. The quiet chiming sound relaxes the baby and might even have calming benefits for the mother to be.

    The Pregnancy harmony ball pendant is passed on from mother to child becoming a beloved family heirloom.

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