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A very special mum-to-be gift to celebrate pregnancy.

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Chimes when ball is moving

The pregnancy bola gets close to your heart. As it sits on your beautiful belly, it gives you a feeling of happiness, calmness and connection with your baby and mother nature.
The Pregnancy Bola is ready to give away if it is for gift.

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I still remember the feeling of wearing my bola proudly (which was a gift from my dear friend in Mexico).

I just loved the soothing sound it made, and my son even recognised it after being born.


I am sending my love with each jewellery, which is selected and wrapped by me with care, and I have no doubt that they will bring you a blessing where it is needed.


“Harmony is about bringing things into balance and knowing how to go from sunrise to sunset. Mother Nature teaches this to us, in so many ways, each and every day.”

Jaeda DeWalt

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